In the midst of collaborating her new sound, 23 year old singer-songwriter Erica Knox from Georgetown, Ontario, Canada is set to showcase herself in 2020 with music that you won’t be able to forget. From upbeat excitement to mellow nostalgia, her self-portrayed intimate lyrics about love, life, and identity are heavily influenced by music legends Stevie Nicks and John Mayer, with catchy hooks that’ll remind you of modern day hitmakers Lorde and Taylor Swift. 


“I wanted to incorporate my love for organic storytelling with the excitement of modern day pop sonics, and create a familiar realm for the two to coexist..” says Knox, “..the two singles I’ve released are on opposite spectrums (acoustic folk and electro-pop), and my new music will live within that”.


Having prematurely completed her first tour with fellow Canadian artist, Andrew Sherriff, she has played nearly 40 shows in 2020, thus far, and would have continued her cross-Ontario trek until October. Knox has also shared the stage with Canadian artists Virginia to Vegas, Hollerado, and Young Empires. 


Her most recent release, ‘Doing Me’, alluding self identified confidence and female empowerment, is available on all streaming platforms.